Friday, October 16, 2009

Favorite Foto Friday - "Orange"

Favorite Foto Friday - "Orange"

Well, I guess I have that covered pretty much throughout my whole blog because it is all orange for th fall season! However, I have added some of my favorite photos of my kiddos and "special hubby" wearing ORANGE!

Thanks to "Me Me and Monkey's Adventures" (on my sidetab under favorite blogs) for taking over the FFF....please click on her link to view more Favortie Foto Friday Fotos!!

Have a great fall weekend! Stay warm!


Hannah said...

Love your pictures! That one of Madisyn walking down the road is Amazing!!

Melinda said...

Great photos!!

Kim & Dave said...

There are some great pics here! Your girls are adorable!

Tracy said...

Those are great pictures, your girls are lovely.

One Busy Momma said...

Love how you played with the color in the first photos!!!!

your older daughter is beautiful! She takes great pics outside!