Monday, December 29, 2008

The aftermath of Christmas

The aftermath of Christmas is always awesome.....well, to the children anyway! I managed to get my tree down and decorations down while Lyza was sleeping on Saturday and Chris was away helping some co workers on a project outside of work. I felt much better to get things organized. On the flip side...the weather was 75 degrees so Lyza was able to go outside and play with all her outside toys for the day! How fun! I bet she is just as confused by this weather as the rest of us are!!! Yesterday was in the 50's so we took her out again to ride her new four wheeler from Nonny and Paw. She is slowly getting the hang of it.

Madisyn is doing well in Pennsylvania. I got to hear her and her dad playing the Guitar Hero III last night.......the drumming, and singing! to a mothers ears! ha! She is doing well...but I look forward to her returning home also!

Today Chris and I are going camping....yes, camping. Tent camping! We normally have the park all to ourselves and stay by the lake. It is our one night/day of total peace and quiet with nothing but the birds and the water splashing to hear! I'll be sure and post pic's!

Have a wonderful week!


Maddy videotaping everything with her new camera!

Chris trying out the Wii Fit! Maddy kicked his butt in everything! I wasn't supposed to tell!

Madisyn didn't get anything!!!!!!!!!!

Lyza didn't get anything either!!!!!!!!!

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Joni said...

Wow, looks like you had a great Christmas. We are blessed to have great familes to spend the holidays with. Looks like I'll be cleaning out to make room for the new stuff too. That's a great thing about being a "stay at home mom" ~ we can do that next week. lol