Saturday, December 6, 2008


Below is Madisyn's photo before her dance last night. Normally when you think of a school "Christmas Dance", one might think of wearing a nice Christmas dress......NOPE, not my kid. She wore Christmas pajamas. Why?? Don't know. Did I try and persuade her otherwise??? ARE YOU KIDDING? She is 12.......they know it ALL at 12, don't you remember??!! no, I didn't try to change her mind. Actually, Chris took her and picked up two of her friends along the way and he said they were dressed in crazy stuff too, so he didn't feel AS bad.

Lyza and I are both sick. She actually started with it on Thursday.....I have never seen such filthy diapers and projectile vomiting from this child. I did nothing but wash, change, wash, change...sheets, clothing, toys, etc.! What a mess. noon on Friday guess who else is doing the same??!! Yep.....mama. I rarely ever get what one of the kids have......but this stomach flu is yucky! It only lasted 24 hrs with Lyza....but still the yucky diapers. I am feeling a little better today.....although I had a rough night. I even forgot to tell Chris that Madisyn had a dance clinic this morning and she woke up late, and got there late. Bad mama..... I hate to even admit this, but Lyza has been in the same clothes two days in a row. Her dad put her to bed in the clothing she had on yesterday....and she wore it until bathtime this evening! Uggg! I just feel weak as a kitten and don't want to do anything. Hopefully it will pass soon!

Taylor is home and out of the hospital. We are thankful for that!

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Becky said...

Yuck! Hope everyone gets better quickly.

And I think Madisyn is brilliant! I'd choose Pajamas over some fancy dress anyday! Too bad I never thought of that in school!