Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Morning...... OUR House!

This is what it looked like around our house Christmas morning!

We got a late start and had to wake Lyza up at 8 am. (When we were kids, I am not sure we even fell asleep and we begged our parents at 4 am to get up!). Anyway.....I forgot to factor in that Lyza is at the age she would want to play with everything she got after was cute though and as always, the girls got WAY too much stuff! I guess I wouldn't have it any other way though! I do love my princesses!! We finally got ready and hit the road for my parents at 9:45 am! We got there on time and those photos will be in the next post!


Looks Like Santa Came!

OK...I searched HIGH and LOW for this doll especially for Christmas. It is Bebe' Andrea and she sings in Spanish. She is from the Abuelita collection. After a friend finally found a site for me to find her....I bought her and paid more than I should have! Lyza opened her and was SCARED of her!!! She ran to daddy's arms for comfort. Well, thankfully now she does like Bebe' Andrea and takes her to bed with her so that she can "push" her button and she sings while they are going to sleep!!

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