Sunday, December 7, 2008


First of all...check out my little cousin Courtney's new blog :-)

Lyza and I are both feeling a little better today.....but we all know how the story goes!!...NOW, daddy is sick as a doggie! Hopefully his will just be the 24-48 hr bug also and he will be better for work this week! So far so good with Madisyn.....I'm knocking on wood and keeping my fingers crossed. Right now it is 28 degrees outside, but on Tuesday it is supposed to be 58 degrees! No wonder everyone is sick!

I was just "bragging" to my friend Jennifer the other day how good Lyza has been with the tree. It has been up for nearly a month and she hasn't touched an ornament. Jen told me "There's still a month to out"! Low and Behold....THE VERY NEXT MORNING, the below photos are how I found Lyza. Not only was she playing with ornaments...but had pulled the ribbon off also! It was a little comical.....thanks Jen for jinxing me!!

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