Thursday, December 18, 2008


Mixed Chicks Hair below!

It has been one of those "BLAH" weeks.....My back feels better, but I am just so darn tired ALL the time. I just want to sleep....all the time, and I can.....Which is the most unusual part, as I have insomnia and hardly ever sleep! Don't know if it is the winter blahs or what.....could be that it gets dark at nearly 4 pm!!!!! It just doesn't seem like Christmas is a week away. I have gifts strung from my bedroom to the kitchen to the basement! Normally I could just put all the gifts for relatives under the tree......but not this year! We have little hands that like to open them! So today, I just went through and put all the gifts for relatives under Madisyn's tree in her room so that I could clear out some clutter. I hate clutter! Most everything is bought, wrapped and ready to go though! I still have cards to get out because I ran out of stamps.......hopefully tomorrow that will get done!

Madisyn started her dance class at the Academy last night and got right back into the swing of things. Hard to believe that tomorrow is her LAST day of school! We should have fun the next week until she flies to Pennsylvania on Dec. 26! Then some mom and dad time...:-)

Thanks to my friend,Tonya, who suggested some hair products for Lyza. Her daughter is I FINALLY got a good referral on some haircare! is called MIXED CHICKS, so for all those of you who have asked go to (NET).....don't do .com or you will get a naughty picture!!! I made that mistake. Photo of the products is above. It is a bit pricey, but I would pay anything right now to get this hair back in order vs cutting off those curls!!!

Below is a photo taken a few weeks ago of my mom's brothers/sisters and spouses......minus two brothers and one deceased brother. You can see why our family is so large!! My mom is in the white and my dad is in the beautiful green shirt with jacket over it. I won't go into detail about how my dad dresses.....someday I'll save that for a redneck post (sorry dad)!! te he he


Lana said...

A great family picture.
It sounds like they all had a pretty fun time at the Christmas party. I hope you get to feeling better soon.

Vanessa said...

Oh I hope you feel better soon!! I can hardly belive Christmas is one week from today!! I don't seem to be in Christmas spirit this year:(