Saturday, December 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Mark! Weekend Updates!

Happy Birthday Mark!

Happy Belated Birthday wishes to my father-in-law, Mark!

What a wonderful grandfather he is to all of his grandaughters, a wonderful husband and stepfather to his children! He is definatly on the top of my "favorite people" list for all that he is and all that he does for his family! We love you Mark and sorry I am late posting this!

Happy, Happy Birthday from all of us!


I have added many family photos below and captioned each one so that you know what is going on in each!!

It has been a bit of a hectic week to say the least. After we all finally got over the stomach flu by the end of the week....we seem to be doing better today for the first time! yeah! I had to go home earlier in the week because one of my best friends father passed away this week. Condolences to were his angel and you have certainly earned your wings for all your caretaking. I am so thankful he had you to take care of him for the past couple of years when things were so very tough.

I have been doing very well with my back....the epidural has seemed to really work. Only a few times have I had a little pain and used the lidocaine patches. I am scheduled for another one in January, as they do not last forever....but my how it has helped. I wasn't real hopeful of good results since nothing else has seemed to work! I have lost some weight also...which has made me feel better too. I am not looking forward to another epidural....they aren't pleasant, but it was worth it to be pain free for awhile! On the downside, for some reason the past several days I have had extreme fatigue. I have insomnia, so to be tired and able to fall asleep on a whim is something I am definatly not used to. After returning home from the funeral yesterday I was supposed to meet my best friend from back home, Lynette.....and my sister in laws sister, Kayla.....but I was sooo tired, that I couldn't even get across town to meet them for a bit. I will be home for a few days over Christmas and New Year's so I will get to hang out with them then!

Brandon and Trish kept Lyza for me while I was at the funeral.....I think LaRissa enjoyed that and I am sure Lyza enjoyed following LaRissa and Brydon around. She likes her big cousins.....and she was asking for LaRissa when she woke up from her I knew she had a good time. Thanks for helping me out guys. I met my mom in Washington for lunch on my way home.....and my cousin Patti and little cousin Noah (her grandson) were there also. It was good to see them. Check out her blog at to see some pic's of her new home that was just built in Barr-Reeve! It is beautiful!

Today Chris and I went grocery shopping at the dreaded Wal-Mart (trying to save money...) but it was actually nice to just get out, the two of us without kiddos. Lyza napped and Madisyn stayed home to babysit. Madisyn has a friend staying we took them to the Festival of Lights in town and also around some neighborhoods to look at lights. We had a good time singing Christmas Carols and cracking up!! Tomorrow I will be taking them to the mall....(oh what fun). Madisyn has to exchange and outfit and she also has something picked out that she wants to get her grandparents in Wyoming for Christmas. As for us, I think we only have a few gifts left to get.....everything else is done and wrapped.

Blessings to each of you and hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Like ALL good dads......Lyza got to DRIVE around the Festival of Lights. She loved it!

Madisyn and Ashley with the Frog Display!

Lyza loved this Princess Castle......she kept yelling "Castle...Princess....Castle....Princess"!

Madz and Ash in front of the Castle!

Sisters on their way to see the lights!

It's TRUE, they DON'T always get along!

Million Dollar Smile! she wanted to wear her big girl panties......except on the OUTSIDE of her jeans!

Dora big girl panties.....except she put them on OVER her jeans instead of UNDER! Twice now we have gone on the "Potty" at her request! Yeah. Every morning she gets up also and says "Potty, Potty and takes off her diaper and sits on the Potty". She has yet to really go, but at least she is trying!

Dad, Lyza, and Madisyn

Misty's Angels! I am So Very Blessed!

My two corny Princesses!!!

We love sleepovers at our house!!! Chris especially likes Ashley......he dishes it out and she dishes it right back to him!!!!

Hmmmmmm, at least they are smiling I guess!

Like those big Chocolate Eyes??!!

 10 year old 21 lb baby!!

I received a "surprise" gift package from Becky while at the library the other night. We had a great time with Santa and the girls! This was one of my gifts........I LOVE it! A little photographer mouse! How cute is that??? Thanks Becky....I love it!

I also received a Christmas Eve Candle (which I really need right now with all these kittens in the house! ha!)....but received these two cute as a button mice as well! I don't think they are ornaments, but I put them on my tree anyway for all to see! Way to cute! Again, thanks is great to receive unexpected gifts! Especially after the difficult week I have had!

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Becky said...

We almost went to see the lights last night, too! If it weren't for a two year old who refused to put on shoes, a coat, or get in her carseat we might have run into you all again!