Sunday, December 14, 2008

Fun Sleepover.....Holiday Traditions!

We had a really fun sleepover last night full of games, wii bowling tournament and movies! We stayed up until 2:30 am......which is VERY rare for Chris and I. He is normally in bed by 8 pm since he leaves for work at 4 am....and with my fatigue being so bad I was sure I wouldn't even make it until 9 pm! However, I did. We played "Fact or Crap" for a few rounds....."Mad Libs" card game.....then Chris, Maddy and Ashley watched a movie after I put Lyza down to sleep and while I was updating my blog last night. Then we watched a second movie and I finished a blanket I was working on.....then at 1 am we started a Wii bowling tourney....and at 2:30 am...we called it a night. Even though I was fatigued I still could not sleep very well. I was up at 5:30 am doing the dishes, feeding the animals, letting the dogs out and cleaning the litter box! Then I cleaned the bathroom and kitchen! I laid down for a little bit before Lyza woke up, made chocolate chip muffins for the girls and started a pot of coffee to try and up my energy for the day!......and now am on my way to the mall with the girls so Madisyn can exchange something! Ashley also got to choose a kitten for Christmas. She chose the Siamese male baby! She just loves it...I am so happy to see him go to a good home! Enjoy the photos!

Holiday Traditions! Below is a photo of the nativity we purchased in Guatemala. It was handmade and we got it from the market near the zoo. It is very special to the lady who made it was so very kind...she had a little girl that seemed to be about 5 years old who was just precious. We bought many things from this lady and she gave me some free potholders she had made as a gift for our purchases. It really touched my heart.....I wish I had gotten their contact information, as they really made an impact on me for some reason. So every year we put this out on the shelf with Lyza....on a handmade Guatemalan textile placemat.

The second photo is of an Angel that is well......I am not sure how old. I am not sure if my mother purchased it when I was born or before. So she is at least 33 years old and I put her on the top of our tree. She is worn and has seen better days....but I remember even sleeping with this Angel around Christmas time when I was a kiddo. My mother passed it down to me. Chris and Madisyn make fun of me for loving her so much.......but they just aren't sentimental like I am! Fooey on them! :-)

The next photos are of our potted Christmas tree that we purchased last year in honor of Lyza's first Christmas at home. We potted it shortly after Christmas and we put LED lights on it this year....white ones, but they are so bright that they look blue. Today we all put red/gold ornaments on it! It is supposed to be 55 today, but we are in a wind advisory with winds gusting to 40 mph, steady at 20-30 mph. We have freezing rain/snow in the forecast for tomorrow with accumulations....I bet we have a snow day/freeze day one day this least a delay anyway! We'll see....sometimes the forecasts are not very accurate in these parts!!!

Guatemalan Nativity
My precious Angel

Last year's Tree!

Isn't Chris a sexy Wii bowler?

Pillow Fights!

Playing Games!

Skippy Jon Jones! Have you ever read those books about the mischevious Siamese Kitten! She looks just like that kitten!

I have two silvers left now! Great Christmas Kittens! Anyone????

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