Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Winter Camping.....

Winter Camping......yes, we are crazy....but as you can tell by the photos, we have a lot of fun! Chris and I do this each year during his work shutdown between Christmas and New Year's! We TENT camp! yep....tent! We do take an electric blanket and we do have a heater in our tent...so it isn't as bad as it seems! We do a lot of camping and we have camping gear for every season of the year. We like winter camping because we are the ONLY ones in the campground...so we go down by the lake, set up camp......play games, walk along the waters edge, trails and watch the sun go down,and the sun come up! We got to use some of our new Christmas gifts to cook dinner with and this morning we went to Denny's for breakfast! Always a treat....(I think)! Just being along...no kiddos hanging off our legs....some alone time with just nothing but the geese honking is sooo relaxing! Just us and nature......even if it is short lived it does the mind, body and spirit good! We need that time......I love this time of year when we can do this. It really refreshes me!

This afternoon I met a friend of mine.....little Daniel to give him a Christmas kitten! He was a little shy at first...but I am more than sure he warmed up once he was in the truck with his daddy and his new little kitten! The smile on his face was priceless! I love when my kitties go to good homes, and I was pretty attached to this litter because I knew it would be my last Siamese litter......so I was pretty particular about who they went to! I do have two left!! :-)))

You can visit the Uhrick family at http://journey-to-family.spaces.live.com/ . Cindy is getting ready to go on a missions trip back to Guatemala.....I am so excited for her.

This evening we got a treat as well.....my dearest friend, Amanda, came over to watch Lyza while Chris and I went out to dinner....ALONE! We got a gift certificate for Christmas and I knew I would feel terrible asking Madisyn to babysit while we went out to eat once she was home......so reliable Amanda came to my rescue and had fun watching Lyza. Though I am not sure what she fed her cause it is now 11 pm and she's still in her crib bouncing off the walls. Just remember that Amanda......I'll be able to pay you back soon!!!!! You can visit Amanda's blog at http://thegidcumbs.blogspot.com/ ! THANKS Amanda...you are a jewel. We really appreciate it and I can't wait to spend the day with you on Friday! Looking forward to a girls day out.......and "Marley and Me"!!

Tomorrow we are heading to my parents to ring in the New Year! Should be fun....my mom asked all of us kids to each bring 10 $1.00 bills....I think Brandon and Chris are convinced there will be strippers there. They could only hope! :-) Should be some fun times....we are going to hang out with family and friends back home. I am looking forward to it! I love being back home.....



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Cindy said...

Daniel has went around the house today asking "where's my kitty?" The Little Miss or Bella has Daniel has decided to call her is settling in and feeling at home. She is curled up under our Christmas tree sleeping, as I type this. Glad you had fun camping. Wish I had felt well enough to come down with my guys to meet you!