Saturday, December 20, 2008

Wade Family Christmas!

Wade Family Christmas (Chris' mothers side)

Thanks to the newly married couple Rebekah and Matt Holden for hosting this year! It was great! THANK YOU!

"Our Family"

Lyza, Misty, Chris, Madisyn

Mama and her sweet girl Lyza

Mama and her sweet girls....Maddy (not feeling so well) and Lyza

Little Cousin Maverick

Maddy During The Candy Cane Story

Lyza during The Candy Cane Story

Uncle Rick and Aunt Kathy

Grandpa Wade....He has read "The Legend of the Candy Cane" and "The Christmas Story" for well, I don't know how many years!! Long time....... We love his stories!

Mama and Lyza hangin' out

Everyone made a gingerbread man cookie this year and decorated it!
Here is Chris' Cookie! He sure looks proud??!!

Madisyn did a great job......OF EATING IT!

Aunt Debbie went for IU colors!!!

Uncle Tom did very well...he was proud of himself and declared himself the winner before everyone was even done! Hmmmmm :-)

Rebekah was proud of her's too......I think!

Aunt Darlene was really proud...she went with a bikini!!!

Family.....Debbie, Aaron, Aleaha, and Sarah in the background.

Rebekah's digging in for some icing! It was soooo good. That is all I had, a plate of icing!

Mommy and Daddy as they call us....well, actually Lyza says "There is a Mommy" and "There is a Daddy" when she see's us!

A Mommy and A Daddy

It's a Daddy!

It's a Mommy!

We attempted to play DVD version of Family Feud. I wasn't much help, as I had a tired, whiney baby! Above, Aleaha, Aaron, Matt and Rebekah!

See......My Whiney, Crying baby???!!!!

No words needed......................if you are a parent you understand!

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