Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Eve #2!

First of all....thanks Jen for changing my header to a more "Winter Friendly" version vs "Christmas Version"! It was 75 degrees here I type at 9 pm we still have all our windows open! Guess that is one way to get all Maddy's flu germs out of the house! She did make it safe and sound to Pennsylvania yesterday....I pray that her trip home goes just as smooth. She will return on Jan. 4! We have gotten a lot accomplished the last few days as far as cleaning I hope to have it all complete and relaxing by the time she gets home! are some of the photos from Christmas Eve on the "Schuh" side of the family. Aunt Pam and Uncle Melvin held it at their home.....THANKS SO MUCH! It was a wonderful evening full of fun and laughter. Lia and Lyza got Elmo Live's from G.G. and Grandpa and they were a big hit!! The drive back was about an hour and Lyza stayed awake the entire time looking for "Santa" in the air and oohing and ahhhing at the Christmas lights! We sang Christmas Carols on the way home and for the first time....I was excited about Christmas this year!

Christmas DAY photos from home and at my parents will follow in the next blog post!

All the clan gathered around!
Cousin Matt and Maddy playing Wii!

G.G. and Grandpa Mark

Lyza and Lia

Big Sis helping Little Sis open her gifts!

Lia Loves Uncle Melvin's new Saw!!

Maddy and Aunt Christine (and baby Melvin too)

Uncle Melvin and Aunt Pam with the girls!

CHEESE....Lyza with Uncle Melvin

Aunt Pam and Lia

I went kinda "casual" to this party. Looks like I'm going camping! HA!

I'll never be too big to fit in your lap Papa Chris!!!! (and he doesn't want her to ever be either!)

Aunt and Uncle Cool (as Maddy calls them!
Brian and Christine

Mommy and Lia

CHEESE...Aunt Misty!

I got Christine a NUT that says PregNut! ha ha.....I'm super excited to be an aunt again!!!

Daddies and Daughters

Madisyn is happy because she got moolaaa to buy a new phone with from G.G. and Grandpa!!!

ooooo, oooooo What is it???!!!!

Christine, Lia, Brian

Daddy and his girls.....

Chris and Crew.......Lyza, Lia and Madisyn!

Lyza is telling Grandpa Schuh a Tall Tale it looks like!!!!

Madisyn and Lyza in their Christmas Jammies......Ready for Santa!

Madisyn in her new Christmas Jammies!!!

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The Gidcumbs said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. I can't wait til we have kids, that makes Christmas so much more fun. Did you check out our new pet? She showed up again tonight and the neighborhood dog chased her and she flew into one of our trees.