Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday Night......reading, playing, having fun!

Madisyn looks a little worn out.....she is, we all are after the night we had last night. They are calling for 1/2 inch of freezing rian and several inches of snow on top of perhaps she may get to rest a little. They will go to school today, but I think they may come home early and have a delay tomorrow or no school at all! These are her Build A Bear buddies that she made today! Manny the Moose's antlers light up (he is hers) and Mandy the Moose has a collar that lights up (for her grandparnts!

Mama and Madz....I don't look so hot without makeup!

She's an alien!!! Yikes! We love to pamper ourselves! Since we didn't get to go away this weekend as planned......we did our "girly stuff" lat night when Chris and Lyza went to bed!

Lyza had to get in there too!

Mama reading her Build A Bear Book! If you bought the set of the mooses you got a free book that goes along with them. In the end I decided to see how much one would cost....$ thanks!!!

Maddy and her Candy Cane!!

Daddy and Lyza watching either football or funny home videos!

Ashley and her new Christmas kitten!!! Yippee....I have a couple of black/silvers left if you want one!!!! !
Nala was that color when we got her...she was a mess and only 3 weeks old. So I have very high hopes these will turn out beautiful just like she is! I love watching them wrestle and play! Great Christmas gifts...and I will hold!

Thanks to everyone for the flood of Christmas cards that have come in. They really mean a lot to us....I especially love getting the ones with photos on them that I took! Kinda funny to see my own work on cards...but I love it! Keep them coming, most of mine ar out, however, I still have a stack to go out...I ran out of stamps!!

Madisyn and I stayed up late tonight reading her new book "Harry and Hal" from the Build A Bear Workshop. She wanted this moose so bad for her grandparent in we made a trip to the mall today to get him.....and her! Madisyn is keeping the boy, which she name the Jingle Bell Chip and she got her grandparents the girl....jingle bell chip and named her Mandy!!! Oh what fun! I think with all the girls in the house, Madisyn is secretly hpong for a boy pet of some sort. Right now the stuffed kind is all I see in our future!!! The mall was crowded so we to and got our justt as fast as we could! Enjoy the photos.

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Vanessa said...

A Christmas kitten!! How sweet is that!!! I LOVE those Christmas Moose!! I hate to admit it's been a long time since we went to Build a Bear with the kids:(