Sunday, January 4, 2009

Blog Worthy Photos?????

Brandon and Trish stayed the night with us last night! When they arrived....Trish and I went to the mall to return some things and window shop. Ok...I did a little more than window shop in a few places......and so did she, but we won't go there.

We came home to find unruly husbands yelling, screaming and throwing fits right in front of the TV during the Colts game.....I think Chris was finally glad to have someone in the house to support his yelling habits during the games. It was hilarious though....I really feared for our TV, I thought for sure one of them was going to punch it and break it. It survived though and Brandon insisted we all take off our Colts gear after the he was disgusted! So...Trish and I changed into Cheetah jammies.....we took lots of pic's (We debated which ones were blog worthy...and which ones were that was the running joke of the night.....What would make the blog, and what would not...MOST DID NOT). We became obessed with the self timer and laughed our butts off becasue we would stand and smile for 10 seconds straight...that doesn't seem very long...but when you are waiting on a flash wiht a cheesy grin it seems like FOREVER! We then talked A LOT, played some games and got some great laughs out of playing the wii fit! Bedtime around 3:00-3:30 am.....and I had to pick Lyza up at 8 I went to McDonalds and got breakfast for everyone.

Madisyn arrived home safe and sound at 1 pm! Her little sister was VERY glad to see her and have her home to play with her. She's been attached to her hip all afternoon!

Below are the photos deemed "blog worthy".....Trish will argue with me that they are not..she always thinks she takes bad pictures...but she doesn't, she never does!

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Lana said...

Love the pictures.
Looks like you guys had alot of fun.