Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Lyza has been asking where the snow is for about a month now. Ever since the Christmas programming/cartoons started. Well, she woke up this morning to find SNOW!!!! She ran and got her princess boots from Aunt Jen and immediatly put them on, got her snow cap out of the closet......kinda had to wrestle her to get the coat on.....but off and away she was! It was so cute. I did not put gloves on her on purpose so she would touch it and feel we have been learning about Hot and Cold, since we've had our fireplace going. She touched it and said in the sweetest voice "Mommy it is COOOOOD"! It was so cute.
The photos of Maddy are before school....YES, she is on her CELL PHONE (new one she bought with her Christmas money that is lime green/black with a keyboard) at 6:45 AM! At least she was talking to Chris though on his way home from work. Madisyn ran in to wake me up to tell me there was get the TV turned on and see if there was a delay. There was not! :-( She's funny. She has been very responsible about setting her alarm, getting up, getting ready.......then once I hear her stirring I get breakfast for her, or pack it for her to eat on the bus when I don't take her. Then she's off and the bus arrives at 6:50 am. She's only missed it a few times from I can't complain! She does great for 12 years old!!!
Right now, Chris is sleeping during the day........and they are trimming trees on our road, right outside our front bedroom window. It is SOOO loud, I have no idea how he is sleeping through it. So, I videotaped it on my camera to show him and see how he slept through that! I will post it later this evening!
Doesn't she have THE MOST expressive eyes????


Jamie said...

Lyza cracks me up!

Cindy said...

Such great pics. Lyza is so adorable. Love all those expressions.