Sunday, January 18, 2009

MLK Day - No School

Today is Martin Luther King I will start off by a verse that is painted on a knicknack sitting on my shelf.......

FAITH is taking the first step

even when you don't see

the whole staircase.


I have a feeling this week is going to be much better than last. Please forgive me for being out of touch, having blogger block, and even making some promises I couldn't keep. It was just a very tough week for us. Thankfully, Chris stayed home with me on Thursday and that made me feel a lot better. Thank you to both Jen and Amanda for trying to cheer me up! Thanks to Jen for all the info you gave Chris and I. We really looked into it and found a lot.

Madisyn had a lock in on Friday night........I will tell you all about it and post photos in another blog. She had a lot of fun and came rolling in at 6:30 am after being up for a full 24 hrs. She fell asleep in her coat even....and slept until 3:30 pm when we woke her up! She then went to a basketball game with her Grandpa and little Uncle........

This morning we went to church....and again I did feel better......but the better came earlier in the week when Chris and I just all of a sudden "got it"....and that was nice.

So today we went to church...grabbed a bite to eat. I read some while Lyza was napping then Jordyn came over to stay the night.

We had an indoor "surprise" snowball fight! Great fun!!

We played on the wii for a long time.........we did the yoga...but I quickly switched it to singing, which we all agree I am better at!

Tomorrow I go for more epidural injections in my back. I am hurting so bad right now nothing is taking away the pain. That has been a lot of my problem this week. We found this cream while we were in Mexico, but I swear it sent me into convulsion like we brought it home as a souvenier and I got the stuff out again this week and had Chris put it on me. YES, it stopped the pain...but it is only temporarily. All the ingredients and info were in Spanish, so I translated it to see if I can get something of the sorts here in the States. So far it kicks Lidoderm patches, creams in the butt! So, we'll see if I can find it!

I will post more on the girls later.......I will post pic's of Madisyn's huge lock in (900 6,7,8graders)......what fun! Oh to be young again and have nothing to worry about!!!!

Happy MLK Jr. Day to you!



Vanessa said...

Hope your back is feeling better soon!!

Cindy said...

Hope your back pain is less this week and things go better. Isn't it just an "awe moment" when something that we just don't seem to get, finally clicks in and we get it! Love those moments! Just too bad it takes me months sometimes...