Thursday, January 22, 2009

~~~ Thursday Thoughts ~~~

* Thoughts for Thursday*

* Look for reasons to get active - and let your inner radiance shine*

*Your attention is like a muscle: it needs to relax in order reengage*

*See your more difficult moments as opportunities to rise above*

* Don't miss the opportunity to get outside and experience the warmth of the season*

* Once you decide to take action, you'll be surprised by how things fall into place*

* Discover ways to embrace boredom. It's part of the human condition*

*YOUR words have a bigger impact than you realize*

*Sometimes the expression of LOVE is the most powerful healer of all*

* When you seek to enrich the lives of others, you find the most satisfying form of success*

* Authentic love brings out our authentic selves, the people we want to become*

* Kindness is at its best when we don't have to stop to think about it*

* Never underestimate the power of kind words to change someone's life*

* Patience: Allowing someone to be imperfect*

* If we want to love others well, we need to be patient with ourselves*

* Patience could mean the difference between leaving a positive legacy or a negative one*

All of the above are things that I have at one time or another (most more recently) have had problems with. As time goes on, as I learn more, grow older, wiser and learn from my mistakes....I have learned just how VERY TRUE these "thoughts" are. In my life.....and in the lives of my friends, family and aquaintenances. Take time if you will to ponder some of these random "thoughts" and see where you might be able to improve upon yourself. Improving ourselves is a daily task.....a daily task only WE can take upon ourselves to become a better person....the person we all know is in us and strive to be.

Many blessings to you today.......and always!

Miss Madisyn......the one girl who keeps me striving to be a better person, example, friend and mother!

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