Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow Day....and TIMEOUT!

Today was actually pretty low key........everyone slept in late! The dr. gave me a new medicine for my back, which Chris brought home this morning. It made me REALLY sleepy.....so Maddy volunteered to babysit and I fell back asleep for several hours. Just in time to get up, feed Lyza and put her down for her nap......so, then I got to nap again!!!

Madisyn went to a friends today (across the road)...they had a few girls over to sled and when I checked in on them they were doing each others hair, make up and putting on a fashion show! What fun! Feels kinda funny to not have a house full of girls here.....but for once, I think I am going to just enjoy the break! I have a feeling that will change tomorrow....and that they will all be here!

I have a precious baby who has started to hit, spit her drinks, throw herself in the floor, kick, throw toys...etc. What is a mom to do??? Well, I wasn't really sure since it has been so long since I have had a two year old! So..we decided this weekend to pull out the "Time Out" chair and the "Time Out Angel Doll" that has a timer. Tonight when she threw a toy at me, then hit me........we drug out the chair, made her sit in it for 5 min. At first she wanted to play with the doll and I figured that was not punishment....so I put the doll on the mantle and she just had to look at it. She screamed and cried the entire five minutes, but when the timer went off and I told her she could get up.....she was fine and good to go. I don't think I did too much damage! :-) I thought you would enjoy the photos below of her first "time out"!

Stay warm.....no school tomorrow either! Also keeping all the families in our prayer with no power...there are MANY! Ours has flickered, but not gone out yet!

Toyota production was shut down, but Chris had to go to work anyway.....they had to have three managers mandatory, and he was one of them. Poor guy.......not only do we have more than an inch of ice on the road (more like 1 3/4") but supposed to get a bunch of snow on top of it. I always feel sorry that he has to scrape the truck before he leaves....then again in the morning to return home!


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Susan Warren said...

You are such a good momma!