Saturday, January 10, 2009


We got the pleasure of keeping my super cute nephew today! Lyza was not thrilled with it at you can see in the bottom photos Lyza does not like to share her toys. She is fine if she is somewhere else and it is their toys......just not HER toys. Tough lesson! I finally just put her down for a nap!

Chris spent most of the day floating in the air......Brydon was obsessed with tying a balloon around his neck and Chris would act like it was taking him up in the air, thus getting up on the couch or coffee table and having his head on the ceiling and Brydon would pull him back down to earth by his feet. Poor Chris....I bet he did it 30 or more times. We took Brydon down to the barn to get some pic's of him in his cowboy outfit....he had fun, but got cold quickly so I didn't get as many "good" pictures as I had hoped....but a few turned out really well!

Madisyn was off to the movies with a friend tonight so Chris and I are calling it an EARLY night......Yeah!!! (we're old)


Vanessa said...

Those are AWESOME photos!!! Can I ask what camera you use???

Cindy said...

What a good uncle... Daniel is the same way with his toys, though we do have rare moments where he wants to share. Bigger problem is he doesn't like to share his friend's toys with the friend either.