Sunday, January 4, 2009

Great Day Out.....

On Friday I met my dear friend Amanda at her soon to be mother in laws to "approve" of the wedding decorations they had done so far.....te he he. They were beautiful, creative and they did an excellent job and made great choices in making them elegant, yet saving money! I was proud of her! I also got to view the lingerie which I thought was DARLING......sorry, but it was so darn cute Amanda!

We went to lunch after that and had a great time talking, eating and catching up. We then headed to the "Wedding Chapel" so that we could see the layout, so I could take some pic's and get my lighting down and get a feel for how the wedding was going to play out. The building is just is a lodge, looks like a cabin and it is going to be gorgeous. Her colors are pink and chocolate....with a snowflake theme since they are getting married in 1 month! 1 MONTH!!!! There are a few photos below of the and reception will take place in the same is going to be awesome! Their table layout, colors and set up will be different, but it just so happened someone was having a wedding the following day so it was set up for a wedding reception already.

She has a cabin rented for the night before the wedding and I will probably be staying with her.....hey, when I take photos I take them from start to finish...but this is more to just go help decorate, hang out with her as the last night as Miss Amanda Bush and have a good time. Madisyn will probably be joining us as well.....and the other few girls that are in her wedding will be there too. It should be a great time. The cabins are very nice. I"m getting really excited about it. She asked Madisyn to be in the wedding and do a few things and the first thing Madisyn asked was "Do I get a new Dress".....I told her yes, but it had to be pink and chocolate and she was excited! Thanks Amanda for making her day!

It is all planned out so perfectly and it is going to be a fairytale wedding for her......and then babies will come along and I can babysit while she is teaching! Yeah for that too!!! It is going to be awesome to share the joy in her having little ones too...she is SOOO good with them! She is an awesome friend and person in general....she certainly deserves this fairytale wedding......and so does Jonathan! He's a good guy....funny guy! He promised he would just smile and take it like a man when it is picture time! :-)))

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