Monday, January 19, 2009

Let it Snow....Let it Snow....Let it Snow!

Snow Day....Part #2!

Ok....I had to add some photos, after reading the forecast it doesn't look like any more snow tonight or we took Lyza out for a few minutes after her nap and just before dark. She had not yet asked to go out.....but just watching her in the window talking about the snow and snowmans were enough to melt my heart, get her in some gear and get her out in the cold stuff for a few mintues at least! She had fun....but we kept her out for only a few minutes!

Sisters in the snow......with dad throwing snow at them! Fun!!

Sisters! Snow! What Fun!

Fields and Barn

Daddy and Lyza going in for the night.....


Daddy and Lyza

Lyza's first scoop! Cooood!

Snow Day Part 1

Today I had my second epidural in my back. The dr. went up a bit higher this time with a little more juice to hold me over a little longer. What they do is first give me valium....let it settle in while doing my paperwork....then head me off to the surgery room. They do three injections in my back of numbing medicine and gave me a bit more potent stuff this time around because of wanting to scream last time. After a few minutes of settling in......they give me three injections of epidural juice with very long needles into my spine. Last time the epidural lasted about 4 weeks on the nose. They have scheduled me to come back in 8 weeks this time since they made it a bit stronger. They also have me on painkillers as needed and a new potent numbing cream, as the last cream wasn't really helping much. We'll see how this one does. After I gave them my story of using the cream from Mexico....they laughed, then gave met his new cream that most dr.'s do not use, or like to use because of its potency....but didn't hesitate to give it to me so I would stop using the cream from Mexico! We got a good chuckle out of it.

Chris took me this time and since we woke up to a few inches of snow.....he stayed home with me and the girls! Yeah...this ALWAYS makes me feel better having him at home. Madisyn was off school today for MLK day...but I don't think he could stand the thought of them going out in our first real snow this year and him not being a part of it! He is a big kid you really, I know his intentions were to take care of me and the girls......for I hated to have Madisyn babysitting all afternoon/evening on her day off of school. She had a friend over last night and after a late night snowball fight (Chris and I made a pile of snowballs and threw them at them in their room without them expecting it) and some playing of the wii.....we all headed to bed around 11 pm~ including Lyza. So...we all slept in a bit, which was nice. I loved having him home....he cleaned up the dishes, made lunch and dinner, ran 1/2 hr to a bordering town to pick up my medicines, played outside with the girls......and we are now settling in to watch some TV together. I am sure we will call it an early night....because my intention was to nap all afternoon....and I did not! It has taken me forever to get this blog done! What a jewel I have though.......Madisyn is so compassionate and tries to take care of me...and Chris is taking care of everyone and everything else so perfectly. I am blessed!

Enjoy the photos and the promises of Maddy's photos and info from her lock in have not been forgotten......I will continue with that hopefully tomorrow!

Blessings to you all!

Stay Warm!

Madisyn out in the snow this afternoon! My little Snow Bunny!

Madisyn and Chris....getting ready for a snowball fight or wrestling in the snow with the dogs!

Someone got knocked out already!!!!!!

Fight is on!!

All is peaceful before the snowball war!!!


Madisyn singing with the WII!!
Think she's doing a good job??? She is really good, but it doesn't appear so here!

Jordyn singing with the Wii!

Best Buds!

Graceful Chris doing Yoga! You go baby.....

Madisyn doing????.....dunno, but at least she looks happy!

Getting ready for Yoga! She is a little better than her mama.....ok, a lot better! My balance stinks...but it does cause an uproar of laugher in our house!

JOJO......that is what Lyza calls her! She has for a very long time! Very cute!

Our Yoga Expert!

Madisyn and her friend A. at the last dance performance they had!

Miss her pigtails playing with her car!!!

Lyza making her funny face!!!!


Cindy said...

Looks like every one was having fun in the snow. Daniel didn't like his first experience with it but loves it now. Hope that the epidural injection works...

Farrah said...

You have one beautiful Family!!!

Love seeing all your pics

Becky said...

LOVE Lyza's piggie tails! Misty hope you are feeling better.