Monday, January 26, 2009

Mavelous Monday.....or Manic Monday :-)

Here are a few more pictures from our weekend!

Madisyn and Jordyn actually slept on the balcony of our hotel room! I can imagine that was fun for two young girls.....though Maddy was saying her back hurt from the concrete today! Hey....she had a comfy bed in the room waiting on her! I am sure they had fun out there though....they had it set up like their own little room, talked, played games......and even a few little boys came by to flirt with them (THEY were on the BOTTOM floor and just talking UP to the balcony)!

This afternoon we headed out and met my friend Jamie and her Guatecutie, Olivia at the mall play place for a little while. Until Lyza started being a little was nap and lunch time, so I won't get too angry with her! She brought us some things we had asked her to get from Guatemala for us and a birthday gift for Lyza. In exchange, we gave her a birthday gift for Olivia and I gave her a ton of clothing that Lyza had outgrown. Olivia was SOO tiny compared to Lyza. She sure is cute!

We came home to very wintery conditions Chris got the fireplace going right away, we got things put away, Lyza down for a nap and enjoyed the fire. It snowed/freezing rain a bit outside.....but the weather is supposed to turn really nasty for the next three days! I love snow I hope it is at least enough for me NOT to get out.....not that I do a lot anyway, but at least I don't feel bad for not getting out if the roads are bad!!

Madisyn has an exhibition dance tonight at the High School. It is many area schools that all come together to show off their routines and even the high school and colleges perform also. It should be a great time and they have worked VERY hard...even having Saturday practices!! I will post pic's of that tomorrow and maybe a video as well!

Stay warm and blessings to all!!!

"Give Thanks for Unknown Blessings Already On Their Way"

~ Native American Proverb


Vanessa said...

Glad you guys made it home safe and sound!

Susan Warren said...

I love all your pictures! You guys stay safe and warm too!

The Gidcumbs said...

Tell Maddy Moo I am sorry I thought her dance was tomorrow night. I need to get organized! Hope all went well