Thursday, November 6, 2008

Birthday Picture Overload!!!!

Lyza's Birthday was WONDERFUL!! We had so much fun on her special day! It started off with a little potty training :-)) Then we headed to the store and got a small chicken leg lunch to take to the park! We had a wonderful time at the was just beautiful out! I had to have my little "motherly" moment at the park and shed a few tears......she is just growing so much! She is getting so big and talking up a storm. Every day is a new adventure...something new, something funny....these kiddos are awesome!! After the park we headed home to play in the leaves for a bit before naptime! I baked a brownie cake and wrapped a few gifts while Lyza was napping!

When daddy got home we got ready to go out to dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant! Yummy food...but Lyza did not want to wear the sombrero while they were singing to her! It was cute! We then headed to Build A Bear workshop where Lyza picked out a "Baby Jaguar"...she even told the lady how Baby Jaguar goes and they put it on a soundchip and into baby jaguar! She gets a real laugh out of hearing herself roar!!! It is too darn cute! We then headed to the jewelry store where Mommy and Daddy bought her a new pair of earrings. She has not had them changed since she had them pierced at a very young age in Guatemala! It wasn't fun getting them out....but we did and now she is sporting new diamond earrings!!

We then headed to the Carousel where she rode the horses......she wasn't too sure about it at first, but a couple of times around and she was all smiles!! We headed home after that to open gifts and eat some birthday brownie! She still was not crazy about blowing out the candles....but sure did like eating afterwards!!

Madisyn thought this was a pretty good she made out just about as well as Lyza did!! I guess it is kinda fun having a little sister!! Madisyn was a big help.....and loved every minute of the night as well!! Happy Birthday Princess.....

Lunch and playtime at the park!

All prettied up before her big night out on the town!

Oh...dinner out is just SO MUCH FUN!

Build A Bear Workshop.....I think I want this Jaguar!

Sissy making the birth certificate for me!

Time for presents........

Not these stupid hot candles again!!!


Joni said...

Looks like a perfect birthday to me!!

Christy said...

I love the potty training pictures!! Too cute =)

Vanessa said...

Looks like Lyza had a very special birthday!!

Becky said...

So cute! Looks and sounds like the perfect day! I have a feeling little Miss Lyza might be seeking revenge in a few years for posting those pottying pics - but a mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do. Adorable!

Thanks again for helping out today - it is greatly appreciated.

Jamie said...

I think it is so very awesome how well the two girls seem to get along. I would love to get pictures of Rachel and Olivia together like that, but Rachel makes sure that doesn't happen.
I loved seeing the pics of when Lyza was a little baby. She's just so cute!

Leslie said...

Wow what a busy bday for your girl!!!!! She is the cutest!!!

OMG i dont even want to think of potty training!!! I Hate it! LOL