Monday, November 17, 2008

Exciting "Lyza" News!

So now I am showcasing Lyza for a few you didn't see that coming did you?!
We have had some exciting news regarding Lyza in the last few weeks! It is amazing how fast she is growing, how much she is learning, talking and doing!!!

Check out this link:

After all our great news today.......the above is what appeared on FTIA's Post Adoption Group homepage today! How blessed are we today?!

She can sing all her ABC's......see video below!

She can count to 10 in Spanish and English!

She knows ALL her animals and their sounds!

She knows her shapes!

She knows her colors!

She can dance like nobody's business!

She says "Please and Thank You" most ALWAYS!

She is learning to play pretend and use her imagination!

She has learned how to get out of her crib and playpen......yes, we are looking for a toddler bed now!

She says "Ohhh Noooo" to everything that falls or may go wrong!

She calls out the letters to "Wheel of Fortune"!

She knows all the Dora songs and most any other Nick Jr. songs!

She's amazing......I am just amazed at how much she has grown and has been learning this last month! Where did my LITTLE girl go??

She loves for you to read to her.....and quite frankly, she does read back to you!

Now for the EXCITING NEWS!
First of all we received the new edition of "Adoptive Families" magazine to find who other than Miss Lyza on page 68 in the promotion ad for FTIA! How exciting! I certainly was not expecting that and was grateful they sent me several copies to share with friends and family. The ad is below!

OTHER exciting NEWS?? YES! You have seen this photo below I am sure, as I made it via snapfish with a "Birthday" photo shoot I did for her. I made the collage for her birthday to enclose with her invitations to her Princess Party.

Today I was contacted by a freelance writer from SNAPFISH.COM asking for the story behind the photo and a formal written letter asking for permission to use it on their home page! I was excited because it was my own photography...and plus, on the fun is that??! They asked if it was my own photography and wrote a small blog about her adoption to go with the photo, so maybe I will get a little bit of exposure with starting out with my photography business "Walk by Faith" Photography! She also asked if I would be interested in designing a couple of their Christmas cards with photos of my girls for advertising! How cool is that......I get compensation PLUS free pictures! I am so excited! The photo advertisement will start running on 12/31/08 to start off their new year of advertising!

I will post more Lyza tidbits, photos and info in the next few days! Plus I have new "professional" photos....(I can say that now right, since I am a professional...te he he) of Madisyn that turned out wonderful! My parents got me a new camera for Christmas that I had my eye on. Ironically, one of my friends was saving for the same camera and got it a few weeks ago. I am doing her wedding in February so she has graciously given it to me to play with for as long as I want (Amanda, you may regret that!). BUT, it took me awhile because there are SOOO many features on it but Chris and I sat down for a couple of hours and figured most of it out. Luckily I have great "models" to practice on. Chris even let me practice on him! (Shhh, don't tell him I told). So I am super excited about that because now I am booking indoor sittings along with outdoor sittings as well! It is the perfect time of year to be starting, as I have many Christmas Photo sittings and am just loving it!


Lana said...

howell2141Wow! Good Luck! They are both very cute.


Vanessa said...

Oh my goodness that's so much EXCITING news!!! That beautiful face is going to take her places I just know it!!

Misty McKibben-Melvin said...

Thank you so much for the compliments! I appreciate it so very much!

Becky said...

Wow! That is awesome! You got me hooked on Snapfish anyway, so it makes sense that you would get this honor - I can't wait to see Lyza on the homepage. That is a great collage.. I have my copy hanging on our fridge.

Joni said...

So cute, how cool!!! Your pictures are great.

Laura Raber said...

Wow Misty! That's all so exciting! Good for you! And I love the video of miss Lyza and her ABC's!