Friday, November 28, 2008

"The Legend of the Snowflake Angel"

"The Legend of the Snowflake Angel"

The little angel put the finishing touches on her gift. Lighter than a feather, delicate as lace, sparkly as crown jewels and white as the purest soul - it was the perfect present for the Infant King who was to be born that night. Swiftly, she made more and more of the lacy, little creastions - until clouds of heaven finally burst with the load.

As shimmering crystals floated down blanketing the earth, a peaceful hush fell over the land....broken only by the sound of a Baby's cry. The newborn Child looked out the door at the angel's beautiful gift and smiled with infinte delight.

Children today call this winter wonder "Snow".

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Vanessa said...

That's a cute little story! I have never heard it before but i will be sure to pass it on to my kids!