Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Blog Makeover??

See the blinky to my right?? Jen's Design Shop! Well.....Jen is REALLY jumping into business to help fund their adoption of baby Gabriel! Most families think that once the child is home, the financial aspects of the adoption are over. Not some cases it takes many years for a family to get back on their feet from such an adoption. It is a lifechanging event in every aspect of one's life. Not to say these little guys and gals aren't worth it.......every single penny and then some! Nevertheless, the finances still keep plugging on. Are there ways around that? Some adoptive mothers choose to stay home full time to be with their new babies who have been in and out of foster homes and/or orphanages for adjustment reasons. I am one of those. Bonding with Lyza was my number one priority when bringing her home. She has done very well...and even as she gets older I see it more and more and it makes me more than happy to have her come to me for little boo-boo's, scrapes or hurt feelings. I simply love being a stay at home mom, as do many others. Jennifer is a stay at home mom (who also works outside the home as a teacher a few days a week while raising her 14 year old daughter, Tori). We have so much in common.

I encourage you to go to her "about me" page to view some of her work, prices, philosophy and her plans for the funds she receives from this blog makeover job she has taken on. She really is easy to work with, competetive prices by far and will work with you like she is your best friend! Seriously, if you do not like something, you will NOT hurt her feelings by asking her to rearrange or fix something. She would MUCH rather take the criticism than to have you unhappy with a product. All her info is on the blinky to the right of my blog! Give her some of your ideas.....see what she can do with your toughts. You won't be sorry. Gift certificates available too! What a great Christmas gift for a blogger buddy!!!

Again......her "About Me" page will blow you away! Keep up the great work Jen! We will also be doing Christmas cards.....and if you are in my area, I am a photogrpaher so can do your sittings way cheaper than at a studio! And I guarantee you will lovewhat I do, OR....we will redo them!

Best Wishes and I hope you take the time to look over her smashing, hip, new blog!!

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Vanessa said...

Thanks for sharing and I['m hopping over there to check it out now!!