Friday, November 14, 2008

FFF - My Theme - Miss Madisyn

Thank you to everyone for your sweet comments on the previous post.....I am still VERY worn out and tired, but had to post these super cute photos of Madisyn! What a night she was a long night for all of us, but so very worth it! It is amazing to see your children excel in what they love to do the most.

Our night started with two basketball games, in which she performed two dances. Unfortunatly their cd skipped a bit and the video didn't come out real well...but, as always, she puts on a good performance and it didn't seem to phase her to much!

After the basketball/dance games we had to go straight to hair and make up for the talent show. We had about 30 minutes to get ready, as she was in the very first act as a back up dancer for an 80's song. As much as the girl loves to sing, I think she had more fun picking out the 80's outfit and dancing to it than she did singing her solo! Wow...don't I feel old when we are picking out 80's attire! She did great...and it was a lot of fun, as you can tell from the photos!

She was act #10 on her solo "Once Upon A Dream" by Emily Osmett from Sleeping Beauty. She did a wonderful job and from the applause, hoops and is apparant she is a very well liked girl at school, which always makes a mother proud! Unfortunatly there also, my battery went dead in the middle of her performance, so you will only see 1/2 of it in the video that is to come shortly! We have it on video from the camcorder though, so no harm. I had to take photos for the yearbook and am actually getting a new camera for Christmas since my Photography business is taking off so well "Walk by Faith" photography....and my good friend just purchased the camera I was thinking of buying. She is loaning it to me so I can figure out if it is the one that I want or I am hoping to do her wedding photos in Feb. if I can get comfortable enough to do them! Who wants to be responsible for messing up wedding photos, right?!!! Not me! Anyway my mother in law went to get the battery charger during the basketball game, but I did not have time to fully charge it to get all of her performance!

After taking all the photos for all the talent show acts we got home pretty late. My Guatemalan Angel was still awake in her I could not resist getting her up, as you would think only being away a few hours was like being away for days for I played with her until nearly 11 pm! She slept in for me that was good!

Madisyn has two birthday sleepovers this we plan to chill out and take it easy! It is rainy and yucky a fire going and a pot of chili is just what Chris and I need! Enjoy the photos.....and enjoy the video when I get it uploaded!

Again....thank you so much blogger buddies for your kind words! They mean so much to me! I will be catching up on everyone's blog this weekend!

And ......WAY TO GO MADDY....We love you and are so proud of you!

This is what it looked like just minutes after she got home! Tired little singer!

She's obesessed with her Santa Hat right now! Explain in a later post!

Flowers from Mom and Chris.....and the grandparents!

Our little Dancer





Mommy and Madz

Angel from Lyza

"Once Upon a Time"


Wow, she loves the gifts afterwards!

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Vanessa said...

Great photos that will last a lifetime!!