Friday, November 7, 2008

Lyza and Amaya - Best Friends Forever :-)

We had a fun-filled day with Amaya over to play! What a fun day it was!

After Lyza woke up, her and Amaya started coloring in Lyza's new coloring books! They shared so nicely and were so kind to each other. I wasn't sure what to expect, but it was a wonderful day and I have no complaints. The girls were GREAT together! We started off with some coloring and cartoons. As soon as it warmed up a bit we headed outside to play. The girls played in the sandbox and car while I raked tons of leaves for them to jump in, throw, play in, etc. Then I made a pile to go at the end of the slide also so they could "slide into the leaves". They thought this was pretty fun! They had a lot of fun outside and we spent a little over an hour out there! After cleaning up a bit (I knew the rain was coming) we headed in for some lunch! The girls had their lunch, then I put all the farm barns and animals in the middle of the living room for them to play with. I sat in the comfy chair in the back of the room and just watched them interact. It was so cute. Amaya is just a few months older than Lyza. AND, Amaya has curly hair (the soft kind...not quite as thick and out of control like Lyza's) but from behind...they look almost the same. They are the same height and weight and are a perfect pair to watch play! Of course Amaya takes the "mother hen" route....since she has an older sister always telling her what to do.....she'd better get her licks in on Lyza while she's still little! I love watching them interact, talk, etc. Too cute.......I could sit and watch that forever!

Before naptime we played "Clean Up, Clean Up" and the girls each took a chair and a blankie and had a snack and watched a cartoon before heading to bed. When Becky got here to get Amaya she was still asleep. Guess I had worn them out. It was a beautiful day out.......I am so glad they got one last very nice day out to play in the leaves and on the outside toys before it turns "winter"!!!

Thanks Becky for allowing her to come play!!! Again, if ever you are out of a sitter for some know where to bring her now!

Special thanks to Amaya for being so good and playing and sharing with Lyza so well! You guys are such big girls. Where does the time go?!


Laura Raber said...

too cute...looks like lots of fun!

Marcie said...

Awww, how sweet. Karina and I are jealous that we live so far away :(