Thursday, November 20, 2008

Favorite Foto Friday "For Crying Out Loud"!

Tonight while putting Lyza to bed...she said "No bed, I a Princess".....hmmmm, I guess Princesses don't have to go to bed either! Found it very cute. She is in a phase kiss only on the lips......which, kinda weirds me out, but I'm going to love it as long as she'll do it. Nothing like a snot nose dripping sloppy kiss smack on the lips is there???

Be sure to check our Lyza's video below saying her ABC' will put an instant smile on your face! Madisyn singing "Once Upon a Dream" is just below that akso...she did a wonderful job. This weeks theme was "For Crying Out Loud......Crying Photos"! Didn't figure much could top the snotty face cry in the first photo above! ha! Have a great weekend! For more "Crying" go to !

This evening I will update you on our weekend plans. I am "OH SO" excited about! We leave Sat morning, no kids all weekend (except I am SURE my mother will be stopping by our Inn for me to fix Lyza's hair....other than that and a few photo shoots......we are going to have THE PERFECT weekend. I will explain more tonight. ALSO, if you are in the Shoals area and need Christmas/family/children photos done.....I will be there Sat. and Sun. and have a few spots left that I can get you in. Just shoot me an email.


Marianne said...

Adorbale pictures of your sweetheart tears. I love the video of the girls. It's really fun to see their pictures and then hear their voices and see such personality. I think you have two rising stars on your hands. Have a wonderful weekend!

Leslie said...

awwwwwwwww she is soooo cute even when she's mad!!! LOL

Have a great weekend!

ClarkFamily said...

Oh My Gosh! Lyza is just too cute no matter if she's smiling or crying! Love all the photos you have of her crying out loud though ... she is as cute as ever ... and thanks for the ABC video - it did in fact put a smile on my face! Thanks for sharing & Have a great weekend!

Hugs from MN!
Rebekah - Jaden - Baby#2 too!

Tracy'sspace said...

Your pictures are so cute. I love the curly hair, and she is gorgeous even when she is crying!

Hannah said...

She is so cute! I love her pouty lip sticking out!!

One Busy Momma said...

Even crying she's just beautiful!

Love the pouty lip also!!

Sarah said...

Precious even with the tears!