Monday, November 24, 2008

Our Weekend Get Away!

What a weekend we had. My parents got us an early Christmas gift to Tranquil Spa and Inn in our small town of Shoals......we needed a get away BAD and she needed to take care of our two girls :-) We took the girl to mom and dads and I helped bring in the birthday presents and balloons for Byrdon, LaRissa and MacKenzies birthday! Then we headed to the Inn! It was totally peaceful and relaxing, as we were the only ones there!! She showed us to our room and Chris just wanted to fall asleep, instead we went to the church and got a Turkey dinner, brought it back and had lunch by the fire! Then we just took our time browsing the place before my first photo shoot! At 1:00 my friend Lynette arrived with her three kiddos (Olivia, Clayton, Logan) and there were some beautiful back drops at that old Inn and the pictures turned out wonderfully!!! We all then headed ot my mom and dads for the festivities.......MacKenzie is Lynettes niece. Whoa.....crowded house and it looked like Christmas in there!!! I don't think anybody knows who got them what......about an hour later we snuck out the front door to go back and relax. We had scheduled some fun things for us to do! Ahhhhh(my sister in law normally does my massages, but with the birthday party going on she couldn't), so Chris and I first had a tranquil aromatherpy spa (he picked stress relief). He said he fell asleep and the timer woke him up. I stayed up at the Inn and Lynette came over to keep me company! When it was my turn I chose "calming" for my aromatherapy. The massage was great too. When I got back to the room Chris was asleep. I just let him sleep while I shower, washed my hair, etc. We then got dressed and went out to my mom and dads so I could say goodnight to the girls (and convenience!!).......we went back, explored the house and it's surroundings some more then decided to sit in the cozy living room and read. She had a ton of books on Martin we read up on our history of Shoals and Loogootee! After that we called it a night!

Day #2

We got up around 9:30, got dressed, as I had a photo shoot at 10:30 and 11:00. They both arrived on time, both shoots went wonderfully and I was pretty pleased with the outcome! We were treated to breakfast there at the Inn also!

After my photos shoots we headed out to my mom and dads for Thanksgiving Dinner. YUM! YUM! Madisyn helped my mom bake.....she loves to cook! After dinner and playing with LaRiss and Brydon for awhile and talking with Trish and Brandon we decided we would go back to the Inn for a catnap. This time we took Madisyn with us, as I had hoped she would like it enough to have a mother/daughter retreat....just the two of us in December as part of her Christmas Gift! SHE LOVED IT, but wanted the Queen Suite because it has a much, much larger whirlpool tub!! So....we reserved that! We are going Dec. 13, so we have something to look forward to shortly!!!

She took a lavendar aromatherpy bath in the claw tub.....washed her hair and got all prettied up (like she isn't always anyway) and we did some ...ok, alot of photo shoots of her all over the house (the scenary is too good not to practice with)...then we headed outside to the gazebo, rocks, fencing areas and took some more. I will post those tomorrow or the next. I have to make time to post Birthday Photos and Hotel Photos!!! Chris and Maddy walked to Bo-Macs (small curb side pull up that has car first job!) and ordered a light dinner while I napped for just a bit! Then Chris ran to my parents and got Lyza while Maddy and I tidied up the place, made sure we had everything and then took the opportunity for some pis's of her and Lyza when Chris got back.

So, all in all, we had a wonderful relaxing weekend just as we had hoped. We had fun, been awhile since could just sit and talk....about adult stuff and no little ears around!! I am more than sure we will return again.......I mean, who can pass that up when the babysitter is only 5 min away??? Madisyn also asked if she could take two friends and stay there for her birthday! Sounds fun to me!!!

Watch for more pic's later. Sorry so lenghthy

Madisyn took this photo, wanting to practice her camera skills (No, she did not go with us.....we brought her back with us on Sunday afternoon to take naps and see if she liked it enough for us to go there for a mother/daugher overnighter

Mama' and Daddy enjoying some alone time in the living room reading!

Mama' and Daddy when we had just gotten there!

Eating Area w/small tables to seat plenty with a cozy fireplace!

View of the forma dining room

View going down the wooden stairs

Master King Suite - Our Room

Vanity in our suite

Relaxing Claw Foot Tub for soaking

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