Saturday, November 15, 2008

Still About Madisyn........

Yes....I have decided to dedicate yet another day to "Madisyn"! Actually....I've decided to take a few days each day this week to dedicate to each of my children, husband and other family members! So every few days......someone new will hit the spotlight! I have a feeling Lyza will be next BECAUSE, she has learned to sing all her ABC's and I cannot wait to post the video of her singing them for you!

Today is Madiysn's day again I will give you a few tidbits and facts on Madisyn!

She was born at Tinker AFB in Oklahoma City, OK 12 years ago! Hard to believe 12 years have passed!

She loves sports and excels in Soccer, Dance, Volleyball, Basketball, Golf.....and is good at just about anything she tries!

She loves music.....she loves to sing and perform....but also plays the violin, guitar and has taken piano lessons!

She loves to read......she definatly gets this from me, as I love to read also......

She loves American Idol and Dancing with The Stars. She swears some day she will be on Dancing With The Stars! :-)

She's a world traveler! She has traveled more in her short 12 years than most do in a lifetime! Her father lives in Pennsylvania so she makes frequent trips there....and her grandparents live in Wyoming and she goes there each year also. Chris and I love to travel also with her and she also takes a few yearly vacations with her dad and family in PA also!

She's an excellent student and excels way more than I ever imagined I could. Her favorite subjects are Math and Science!

She loves Animals.....all animals. Except right now she is a little scared of "George", her iguana, as she is not used to him and gets whacked a lot by his tail!

She is a WONDERFUL big sister! I must admit...this took some time to master. She was an only child in our home for 12 it took some getting used to not being in the spotlight ALL the time. However, she is great with Lyza now and she is such a great role model. Lyza adores her most of the time and Sissy's room is very fun for that is a special treat to get to watch cartoons or play in Sissy's room!!! I think Madisyn kinda likes it too because she gets to play with all the kiddo toys and watch the kiddo cartoons and has a good excuse to do so!! (Big Smiles). She also has two step brothers in PA, one older, one younger!

She is a hard worker and always puts 110% into everything she does and this I mean school work and sports! (Not cleaning her room or doing chores :-)!

She is a wonderful daughter and friend....more than any mother could ask for! Lazy days by the fire in the winter playing cards, board games or reading books are the best! Snow days with friends over and tons of hot chocolate to make...and tons of snowsuits/winter gear to dry are the best times/days of my life! She is certainly the life of the party and we LOVE having all her friends here and gathering for games, great talks and good times!

She has a passion for God, Bible Study and helping others that is unreal! She is a member of the Youth Group at her church and at the second service helps teach in the Pre-K classroom. I know she is active in her father's church as well!

So......basically I am just doing a little "mommy bragging" I hope one day she looks back and sees just how much I (we) love and cherish her. I know she will grow up to be the kind of girl that we always hoped she would......she's a smart, bright, funny, beautiful girl! We are so very proud of her and I want her to know that each and every day!

(I love making cards and leaving notes in her backpack.....I hope she never gets to old to smile when she sees a card in her backpack or school book that is from me!)

Thanks for making us so proud Maddy! What a jewel you are!



Vanessa said...

She's one beautiful little girl!! Sounds like she's a very entergectic girly!

Becky said...

You have every reason to be one proud momma! I can only hope I can say similar things about my girls when they are twelve.