Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Madisyn and Lyza....."Sisters"

First of all, Like my new blog look? Thanks to Jen at for the "winter" makeover. Click on her tab on my right column and she can set you up! Not just saying she is good because she is my friend....I'm saying it because she IS good at what she does!

Today's post is about "Sisters"! Some of these are old pic's of Madisyn and Lyza...and some are brand new. As stated, when we first brought Lyza home, it was an adjustment....however, you can tell things are perfect! They adore each other and I am SO very glad. I was worried there for a bit. They are both cute as buttons (sorry, I'm the mommy...) and as funny as they can be. Not to mention sweet and kind. Lyza is going to have a wonderful role model to take after. I am equally proud of each of them as they are learning at the stages of life they are in! I have added many new photos to my sidebars....I hope you enjoy them! During the next several days I will be adding new and updated photos of my family.

Until then.....replay Lyza's ABC's and Maddy's Talent show performance for an instant smile and uplift to your day!!!


Vanessa said...

LOVE the new blog look!! Those two look like very happy sisters in deed!

Patti said...

Love your new header... so cute! Don't you just love Christmas!The girls look adorable.

Becky said...

LOVE it! And those pictures of the sisters are adorable!