Friday, January 7, 2011

Favorite Foto Friday! ~~ New

Favorite Foto Friday ~ "NEW"
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The one thing I love about this time of year is the NEW fallen snow! Especially since I am a stay at home mama and don't have to get out in it if I don't choose to! I woke up this morning to a white ground and snow still falling. On days like these I can't help but open up all the blinds and put a fire in the fireplace! What a beautiful view of the white covered fields, barn and lake we have from our oversized windows in the back of our house. The view from the front isn't so bad either.... beautiful street lined pine trees with snow piled on them!
Last night a couple of friends came over and we had a wii dance marathon.... after they played with Lyza and we finished off some tacos! I wish I had my pic's downloaded off my camera.... as that would have been some great photos of us playing our NEW dance games.... but that will have to wait for a post this weekend! We had a great time visiting with Lacey, Lesley and Kelsey and Michelle at . The really funny part is we thought Lyza wouldn't really know how to play the wii or follow the dance moves....WRONG! That girl can shake those hips and follow the dancers! It was so cute! We are so glad we discovered it is sure to be some cheap, fun entertainment in the many weeks to come! Chris also got Wheel of Fortune for the wii and has become addicted to that game. We play it almost every night before we go to bed!
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Blessings to you all this weekend!
Madisyn in the NEW fallen snow!

Lyza in the NEW fallen snow!

Mommy, Lyza and Madisyn in our NEW Christmas Pajamas. I am not sure why I chose purple this year...but it just seemed to be the right color. Chris was left out this year, I just couldn't find purple pajamas for the man of the house! He didn't seem to mind since he just isn't into the whole "New Pajama Thing" on Christmas Eve like us gals are! They didn't have any purple shirts left either for she had to settle with the pink top....but her dotted pajama bottoms and socks were super cute!

My friend Marisa's NEW baby boy, Bentlee.... and his proud Grandma Michelle is also a very dear friend! I celebrate with them and for them as they share in this new precious bundle of joy God has given them! Congrats Mommy, Daddy and New Grandma Michelle! He was born four days ago!

Lyza reading a new book at school. This is the photo that was in the new Christmas gift she made mommy and daddy from her preschool, Friends Forever! I thought it was precious!


nora said...

Thanks for linking up!!! At 22 inches for the season, I'm not sure how much I love snow anymore, but it was pretty when it was first falling. And I love the new jammie tradition - we have that at our house! Cutie girlies!

Hannah said...

Great pictures. Gotta love new snow! It just beautiful!

Guatmama said...


Aileen said...

Love the snow pics! And I have to agree that the best thing about snow is being a stay at home mama who doesn't have to get out in it!

PS: We're Colts fans too!

mek said...

So many lovely "new"s! We do Christmas Eve pjs too, though only the kid got them this year!

Kim & Dave said...

I LOVE the girls in the snow!! Those pics are great!!