Saturday, January 29, 2011


It's Saturday.....2 am to be exact! of those sleepless nights, but thankfully I am about to crash soon...(I hope), so to distract myself and make myself a little more drowsy, I thought I'd write! So, if you find a lot of typos, don't worry.....I'll go back over it in the morning...and fix it all up! ;-)

What an exciting day! Chris and I get to go grocery shopping ALONE! Yep, no 4 yr old whining to put everything in the cart or eat it as we go! Yep, a whole few hours to bargain/compare prices -- we are really into this saving right now ya know -- and make our selections.....dare I say it? ~~ Kid Free~~

We have a babysitter for a few hours and then after we get the groceries home....we will go pick her and Lyza up to come over to our house for a "girly" day....then we will probably go to church (not sure yet) or just hang out in our jammies and then attend service during one of the Sunday Services. We'll see! I am looking forward to having a few girls in the house...homemade chili...some fun wii dancing and a couple of movies!

Tonight is also Madisyn's "Snowball" dance......the one I bought the Christmas dress for. I had a new headband to send her that I partially made out of rhinestones but I can't find my paper that has the dates of events at her school so the headband had not been sent yet, I was going to send it in her Valentines package! I hate that she wont' get to wear it, but I know she'll be stunning just the same! She wanted me to send it, but it would take my van driving all the way to PA to hand deliver it. OH how I wish I could. You have NO idea how I wish I could.......I'd give just about anything, anything at all to help her get ready and dolled up for her big night. To see the glitter in her hair, the smile on her face, the gleam in her eye, those items...., my friend, are priceless to a mother. Simply Priceless. So even though I am not right there physically with you are right here in my heart, and I am in yours. You make me happy, you make me proud of the beautiful young lady that you have become and what you will still become in the future! These are the best years of your life...enjoy every minute! I know at times they can seem like they are the worst...but they aren't, again I cannot stress enough, enjoy every minute! I will, of course, post photos as soon as I can.

Life is full of happy tears and sad tears....this is definatly a combination of both!

! Blessings !

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