Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"Time Warp Tuesday" - Madisyn

After putting new photos in frames last night, and finding all the old ones behind them (and many tears), I decided to do a time warp TUESDAY each week to show how my kids, our family and my nieces and nephew have grown. This week I will focus on the Oldest Princess.....because this one causes me the most tears, seeing her as an infant into a young lady! My how time flies.....I wish time could just stand still, but it does not. Not for any of us.... so please take these days and moments you have with your children, whatever their age and cherish every moment. They fly by all too soon.....in the blink of an eye!
So here are a few photos of Madisyn Ronelle from infancy to "ladyhood"! (tears)
I am so proud of the young teen she has become.....I could not ask for a more level headed, smart, bright, loving (most of the time...she's a teen remember) and compassionate child. She is indeed...a gift from GOD.
I love you Madisyn!

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