Tuesday, January 25, 2011

TimeWarp Tuesday - LYZA ;-)

It is hard to believe that exactly four years ago, we were in Guatemala meeting our baby girl, Lyza for the first time...and that our few weeks there was just about to come to an end! It is hard to believe that she was placed in our arms at only 2 mos old...and now four years has flown by! She was born with a full head of thick, curly hair.....which we all know she still has! It was soft then, I could actually, kinda comb it and could certainly part it! So we THOUGHT it was thick then.....nothing in comparison to what it is now! ;-) She is full of life.....way full of life! I wish I had just a portion of her energy and enthusiasm. She certainly keeps our lives very full and on the go! She was meant exactly for us...and we know that was God's plan. She fits perfectly in our family...without an ounce of question about it! She is indeed an angel!

Enjoy the photos of her from "big" to "little"!

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Barb Strahley said...

Love the pictures Misty...she is beautiful!!!!