Sunday, January 30, 2011

** SiLlY sUnDaY **

It is SILLY SUNDAY again......I think this is my favorite day of the week. It is usually church filled with a very silly day afterwards! However, starting next week Chris and I are starting classes two services in a row, so we decided to go to church last night, and take this Sunday to be silly ALL day, since we will be consumed the next six weeks with classes.....those on top of a Tuesday night class! We will be busy, plus he starts on a different shift this week....which always takes time for all of us to adjust to!

Today was beautiful out with temps near 50 degrees or more (haven't had time to get in the exact degrees yet) Chris cleaned the garage while Lyza and I played on the swingset.....then we came in for a bit to have lunch and headed back out to stack up some firewood and pick up sticks to crunch up to start our fires with! We played with sidewalk chalk, cleaned up the yard and Lyza (as you can see below) did some sledding. No...we have no snow, but she had fun anyways! Yep, as always, there are some "screaming photos"....I mean, it just wouldn't be a complete day without some four year old whining ;-) She is cute even when she whines! ((Smiles))

The day is ending and winding down with "Alvin and the Chipmunks" the Squeakquel....for us! I hear the weather is supposed to turn for those of us here in Indiana and other states tomorrow night and on into the week. My parents are just a few hours away from us and their forecast looks much worse than our.....I know my dad would kill me....but I did make the suggestion to Chris that we go for a visit and conveniently get stuck! We got an ice storm a few years ago and it sounded like a warzone outside! It was crazy! I don't hope for that....but I did have Chris bring some more firewood up in case the electricity should go out...or in case we do get stuck at home it is always nice to have a fire going. That is the one thing I love about this houe is the coziness and the fun we having in this living room on rainy/snowy days! It transforms to a wonderfully made fort and playroom filled with laughter and games!

Rainboots, a sled and some leaves!

My Sweetheart

She wrote her own name.....

She is such a big girl.....L/Y/Z/A



Lyza loves to make tents in all the rooms....on this day she made it in her room, played with her bright-light and pulled out the make up trunk! Isn't she pretty?

~ Mommy boots and Lyza boots ~

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