Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow Day = Learning Day

I didn't spend the day in my pajamas all day today ;-) (Just thought you'd like that tidbit of info!). Since it was a snow day and Lyza once again had NO SCHOOL....I turned it to a "learn at home" day! We went early this morning to the library before the really heavy snow fell to get "Thomas the Train" movies, as I knew we'd be stuck inside until the end of the weekend probably! After a movie and lunch we worked on some photography skills! So...the photos below you see of me, were actually taken by her (thus the head cut off, the cat outside, dog outside,) and the one of us together, she has learned how to use the timer.

As we were heading in from outside, Lyza in her bright snow boots said to me..."Mama, I can't watch out for cat poop because the snow is to deep" funny, out of the mouths of babes! Oh how I really do love motherhood!

Chris came home from work early, sick! So I had him move Madisyn's old school desk upstairs so we could work on writing her name, colors, shapes, etc. She does very well with everything, but I hadn't worked with her on writing her name so much. She surprised me and did pretty well. She thought the new desk was pretty cool!

We ended our night with homemade Veggie Soup! Nothing like a nice pot of hot soup on a cold a wood burning fire going! No nap today, so I am praying we are going to have an early bedtime tonight!

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