Saturday, January 8, 2011

Leader Day at Preschool

Lyza had her "leader day" at preschool on Thursday. Wooowwzer! I hope she is not always that hyper and disobedient! I know when I used to teach there, kiddos that I would have NO problems with on a regular day would always act up on the days they were the leader.... because a parent or loved one was with them. So I am really hoping this was the case with Lyza because she didn't want to listen and was a bit on the hyper side! Uggg! We started off on Wed. night baking cookies. Lyza did the "stirding" (as she calls it) and decorated them all with sprinkles! She took her light up fish tank and Little Mermaid music box for show and tell. We had a great day, with the lesson being on Penguins..... so they played a game with penguins, stories were about penguins.... then they slipped around on wax paper to skate like penguins! For their fun time.... they played in shaving cream! Lyza loved that! Below are some photos to show you her day!

Lyza decorating the cookies before they went into the oven!
Lyza "stirding" up the batter!

Playing in the shaving cream

Skating around like a penguin!

A very cute sincere belly laugh at snack time

Playing her Penguin counting game

Show and Tell....she looks a lot like Vanna White or one of the models on The Price is Right, doesn't she?!

Doing her months of the year!

Drawing a picture

A little surprised?? She is a girl of many faces....that is for certain!

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