Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Words for Wednesday

Life happens to ALL of us. Even you, or you wouldn't be here reading this post!! Life has its ups and downs, trials and some of us more than others. I have learned it is how we choose to handle them that matters. God has said he will never put more in front of us than we can he must have created us to be pretty tough individuals at times! I know that by now you know I have had my share of trials...sorrows..and pain! Oh the pain! However, I realize now it is how I went about those things that either made it worse, or made it tolerable! It was a choice, and I didn't make the right choices on how to handle things. I am still learning because each day is a challenge, I just must stop to focus on just how I am going to handle each situation and handle it to the best of my darn ability. Sometimes I get it right, Sometimes I do not. We are human, God designed us that way!

Getting lost in life use to really frighten and frustrate me. Today I seem to consider it more of an adventure because I find that something good usually comes from it. Though at the time I certainly cannot see the whole big picture that is in store, I know it is there. It is all in the perspective you choose to have. Life is the same way, there is no use in worrying your way through each day. If we know God is in control, we are on the right road because He IS the way!

May you find comfort and blessings in knowing that whatever you are going through will probably make you stronger, and at the end of that long winding road, there is something positive waiting. Life takes time, patience, understanding...and with that comes wisdom.

Instead of being totally lost on your journey, may you find a peaceful place like this at the end of your long winding road!


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if you ment this for me or not but it really hit home so Thank You either way!

Misty McKibben-Melvin said...

I never mean any post for any one specific person usually, normally i am speaking from experience on how I am often feeling or have felt...because I realize more often than not I am not alone. It hurts my heart more than anyone realizes to see family or friends going through trying if it hits home for just one person....the post has served it's purpose ;-) xoxoxo