Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fun Birthday Party!

Sunday was a full day starting off with church....then lunch....and a "hop" on over to "Pump it Up" for one of Lyza's classmates Birthday party! What a turn out. I promise it wasn't ALL about Chris and I having fun, but we sure did! We had a great time.....with a few tantrums as you can see below..... and then headed home, had dinner and I got ready for Zumba (which was really fun, I like to dance....SO, if you like to dance, I suggest it! It is high impact, but if I can do it, anyone can. I signed up for an 8 week course and look forward to adding that to my Yoga classes.

We plan to have lots of fun this snowy day....all our gear is laid out and ready, house clean....just waiting on daddy to get home! I will post pic's later tonight, tomorrow or on FB! If you are a follower and do not have me as a friend on FB, send me a request and in the notes tell me you are a follower of my blog!

What would a party be without the MOTHERLOAD of all MELTDOWNS? It would Not even be close to a "party" according to my Guatemalan Princess!
Daddy trying to soothe the princess! Uggg!

"Life is TERRIBLE", when someone bounces you the wrong way!" ha!

Let's get Daddy



Lyza getting Daddy...again!

Worn out Mama! But I was laughing really hard....and laughter is good for the soul!

Mama and Lyza bouncing around!

Mommy and Lyza Christyne

Mommy and Daddy
Lyza having fun!

Ma and Pa
Lyza and Addison

Telling secrets at 4 yrs old already! (Watch out Kathy!)

Awww.... Best Friends!

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